T-Fight ISO 280

T-Fight ISO 280

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Acing power and manoeuvrability with the T-FIGHT ISOFLEX 280.



For young competitors and regular players, the T-FIGHT ISOFLEX 280 is the best compromise between power and manoeuvrability in the T-FIGHT range.

The new T-Fight Isoflex range is designed to unleash players' potential particularly thanks to two Tecnilab innovations: RS Section and Isoflex, delivering a unique feeling of dynamic control.

"RS Section" combines the best of the classic "square" and "round" frame sections for specific ergonomics with 5 sides to strike the ideal compromise between power and control. Isoflex technology provides varying stiffness all around the frame in association with each string for a more consistent string bed, enhancing forgiveness and stability on impact.

280 g weight for effortless handling and acceleration of the racquet head even at the end of the stroke. 645 sq cm head size for more power and forgiveness on off-centre shots. The 16x19 string pattern maximises spin for greater ball length and safety over the net. The grip is also slightly extended for playing two-handed backhands more easily. The best choice to achieve progress and performance.

  • For young competitors and regular players
  • The choice among 12-14 year-old rising stars.
  • Power and manoeuvrability
  • Spin and ball length
  • High-performance, elegant design
 Material 100% graphite
Headsize 100in² / 645cm²
Weight 9.9oz / 280g
Balance 325mm
Stringing Pattern


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